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Brandt Brauer Frick

Reminiscent of pretty much all sweat-inducing, body-shaking, floor-filling styles of music, Brandt Brauer Frick have come full circle – they’ve completed the loop and are ready for more repetitive goodness. Some 13 years into their unlikely evolution between propulsive Dance bliss and full-blown orchestra experience, they’re back to where it all started: RAVE. Handmade & hard-hitting Body Music.

After all, RAVE was where it all began back in 2008. “When we started out as a group, we really wanted to make Dance music,” they all agree. Initially based in different cities, still finding their feet individually, quickly becoming friends for life. Although coming from somewhat different backgrounds, they’d arrived at an intersection of Electronic/Dance/Minimal/Techno – and they immediately knew they wanted to form a live collective and take this initial spark to the next level. Soon exchanging vows for a triple-named brotherhood (“With that kind of name, we all knew we couldn’t get out so easily…”), BBF’s handmade, irresistible dancefloor-ready sound got people raving around the globe in no time.


Samstag, 04.03.2023


20:00 Uhr
Cuvrystraße 7
10997 Berlin
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