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Breezy + Special Guests

Welcoming Breezy Back to Berlin is an honor – Following artists and see them grow is a gift – looking forward to some faves from her album Schwarzfahren – a cocophany of Berlin voices from the black, FLINTA and queer community have collaborated on this album.
The album title „Schwarzfahren“ is on the one hand meant as a play on words; thus the album is to be received as a fast ride through different life worlds of Black musicians*. On the other hand, Breezy uses the title to draw attention to the fact that Black people are often suspected of criminal behavior in everyday activities: „Another thing about the word is the feeling of behaving ‚wrong‘, which is something Black people are accused of for simply going on about our lives.“ – The serious consequences of such a racist general suspicion can be seen in the USA as well as in Germany.
Thus, Berlin-based musician Breezy succeeds in creating a collabo album that focuses on strong content and important perspectives on a sound-aesthetic level and demonstrates the diversity and greatness of the Black, FLINTA and queer Berlin music scene.


Donnerstag, 25.08.2022


19:00 Uhr
Ackerstraße 169
10115 Berlin
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