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Hoboken Division + Bird Control

Welcome to the east of france, where the harsh weather and the shadows of the abandoned factories bring fuzz-loaded riffs into existence. Amongst the dead chimneys, Hoboken Division works hard to stir the red hot ember, ensuring a constantly evolving music scene. Not only blues -they only claim the one that explodes in a juke joint and howls to the sound of a bottleneck-, never only rock, they acheived to make up a sound of their own, mixing it with psych music krautrock and garage fuzz.
The band belongs to a mouvement that can’t count on any ressources but themselves to make things happen. These DIY activits gathered around their common admiration for labels like Bomp!, Sympathy For The Record, Fat Possum, Alive Records, and love for bands such as RL Burnside, John Spencer, Mississippi MacDowell, just as much as the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Neu!.

Nächster Termin

Mittwoch, 26.04.2023


19:00 Uhr
Ackerstraße 169
10115 Berlin
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