Perujazz is one of the most emblematic jazz bands in South America. For around forty years, they have managed to shape their own language from the synthesis of Peruvian traditional music (from the coast, the highlands, and the rainforest) with modern jazz styles. Perujazz’s approach is to blend traditions and popular music with jazz genres equally, in other words, they do not seek to adapt traditional rhythms into a jazzy kind of style. They do start from these rhythms to develop a path of improvisation which eventually results in a fresh and powerful genre itself, arising from the question “What does Peru soundlike?

Each of Perujazz’s members has also a successful solo career, since they are considered major representatives of Peruvian music. Manongo Mujica (drums and percussion), Jean Pierre Magnet (saxophones), Andres Prado (guitar), Julio Zavala (bass), and Cesar Pudy Ballumbrosio (percussion, violin, and zapateo) reunite one more time to go on a journey of rediscovering their sound and taking it across Europe


Samstag, 04.02.2023


22:30 Uhr
Kantstr. 12a
10623 Berlin
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