Tanzende Leute im grünen Licht

Balance Festival: Balance Club I


Keine kommenden Termine

Location: IfZ

Balance's first club night will start with hard-hitting Electro, fast Techno and Industrial on
Trakt I accompanied by a wild mixture of Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Ballroom and everything in
between on Trakt II.
Helena Hauff is well known for her genre-bending, dark and gloomy DJ-sets as well as her
productions which unfolded to full album-length for the second time on last year's
"Qualm". Brutaż resident VTSS draws her energy from the same era of raw, analogue
Electronic Body Music, while also exploring euphoric, incredible fast Rave sounds.
Juliana Huxtable who will also give a lecture on DAY 2 of Balance is an incredible diverse
artist and hard to describe in one sentence. Juliana writes, performs, curates, DJs and
hosts the New-York based nightlife project „Shock Values“. Accompanied by host of
CTM's Floorgasm and queer club icon LSDXOXO, these two will determine the sound of
Trakt II. (Source: IfZ)
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