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Electric Turtles


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Location: Mørtelwerk

Electric Turtles are a rock duo from San Francisco and Leipzig.

The band is moving at light speed! In their first year, they released three EPs, toured in Israel twice, shared the stage with Melt-Banana (JAP), LaBrassBanda (D), The Picturebooks (D), Black Lung (MD) and Reverend Beat-Man (CH), and were signed to the Dresden based Indie label, UNDRESSED RECORDS. In love with artists like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Hives, Rage Against The Machine, The Black Keys and Gurr, they form an unique and sexy sound, based on huge drums, screaming guitars and funky rap vocals. After releasing their debut album "BIRTH" in September 2018, they are now touring until their engine explodes. With always having one foot on the road and one foot in their own recording studio, the two guys are young and road ready.
Support: ELEPHANT’S FOOT (Source: Electric Turtles)
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