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The Woman Inside


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Location: Ilses Erika

Das sagt The Woman Inside über sich selbst:
"I came from a planet called „Self-Destruction“. I've learned that on earth a woman is something beautiful. The Woman Inside is
Love, Love is endless, love is free. Don’t be afraid of your Woman Inside. Every human being has a Woman Inside, feel free to feel it
right now. It’s everywhere, everything and in everyone. Be a part of it and you’ll be a part of your destiny. Love, Your Woman Inside. Love fucked Me - I fucked Love. I'm not here to disturb you, I'm here to Love you. If you let me inside, I'll touch you and heal you.
The Woman Inside is Love, Love is free, free is Love, Love is touch, sex is death, death is Love, let me kill you softly." (Source: Ilses Erika)
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