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Location: Eli

Line up:

TRAXX [nation, lumberjacks in hell, rong / Illinois Chicago]
#NPNK [we like..., nation europe - dresden]
SPOOKY MULDER [!nice! - leipzig]

Melvin Oliphant, the creator hidden behind the Traxx alias, is no fan of labels. That is why he does not define himself as a DJ or a producer. Rather, he could be said to be an artist of sound, a man who blurs the lines between genres and simply lets himself be taken by what a given melody or rhythm suggests to him, taking pages from a number of influences ranging from early disco, experimental dance, industrial electronica, hip hop or jazz. That is why the sessions by this Chicago genius are as unpredictable as they are pleasantly surprising, including everything from avant-garde and eclectic sounds to unending old school tracks. This is the spirit behind Nation, the platform he created in 2007 to gather creators (JTC, D'Marc Cantu, Saturn V...) who, like him, push the "jakbeat" sound to places where anything is possible. (Quelle:
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