22. Wave-Gotik-Treffen

WGT: Mayflower Madame + Friday I'm in love


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Location: Ilses Erika

Norwegian band Mayflower Madame are purveyors of darkly inflected post-punk swathed in shimmering psychedelia. Their debut album, *Observed in a Dream*, was released in 2016 and received rave reviews. Through eight tracks of psych-theatrical ingenuity, shady shoegaze and 1980s dark romanticism, the album conveyed the wintry feeling of their home country – icy and gloomy, haunting and majestic. Since then the band has toured both in Europe and North America. They have also shared the stage with bands like Killing Joke, Crystal Stilts, Night Beats, La Femme, Psychic Ills and Moon Duo, which further gives you an idea of their sonic landscape.

party (11:30pm):
80s PostPunk, New Wave, Synth Pop brought to you by Donis (Ilses Erika/Love Is Colder Than Death/Think About Mutation) & Rik Order (Ilses Erika)
This legendary party happens a few times a year and celebrates the poppy and dark side of music, especially the roots of it in the late 70s and early
80s. Moving from Gang Of Four, The Sound, Bauhaus, Joy Division to Liaisons Dangereuses, Souxie And The Banshees and Nitzer Ebb. Of course, there will be some The Cure tunes, too. (Source: Ilses Erika)
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