Udi Shlomo

Drummer and composer Udi Shlomo born in Kibbutz Nahshon (Israel), with roots from Iraq, Poland, Old Czechoslovakia, and since 2010 has been living in Trondheim (Norway).
Shlomo’s music is inspired by memories, pictures and stories from his upbringing, coloured by experiences from life in Norway.
Shlomo’s diverse background is well expressed in his music, creating what is today called „World Jazz“.
On March 1st, he will be releasing his second album, entitled You & Me. Shlomo has played at venues such as Pizza Express Jazz Club, Jazz Dock, Tangente Jazz+, Blue Note (Poznan), Ankara Jazz Festival, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Oslo Jazz Festival, Trondheim Jazzfest, Jerusalem Jazz Festival, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Usadba Jazz Festival, Delhi Jazz Festival, Styer Jazz Festival.

Nächster Termin

Mittwoch, 19.04.2023


20:00 Uhr
Arndtstraße 33
04275 Leipzig
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